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A website dedicated to providing and showing the best of game shooting throughout the UK. Through reviews and real-life experiences of a gun with mobility issues.


Regardless of mobility issues or not The Seated Gun brings you the ability to view and experience shooting estates across the country before you book. Ensuring if you have a mobility issue, be that your knees are worn, you use a wheelchair like the seated gun or just age is not on your side, we can ensure you're choosing the right estate for your day out!


We are not just dedicated to providing you with true and accurate experiences but also to show you the wonderful, traditional, and fantastic sport that is Game Shooting.


We are here to keep you shooting long after some will have suggested you can’t, or you’ve been told its time to hang up your tweeds.

Jean-Paul Gaudin


Over my shooting life I have met, mentored and introduced a great number of individuals to clay and game shooting. I have to say with Jean-Paul, his natural ability to shoot is outstanding, place him in the field on a driven day and you will soon see birds falling. Notwithstanding his mobility issues I have no doubt in his ability to easily equal and exceed the skills shown by many a seasoned and polished game shot. Simply put, He’s not the gun to be next too on a drive……. believe me I have experienced his ability firsthand.


Mr Geoff Bryant – Chief Shooting Instructor – Sywell Shooting Club

I first met Jean-Paul at my local shoot in Suffolk, from the moment he was introduced to our group it was evident that he was a straight forward talking guy who says it how it is and the wheelchair was seen as no more than a mere inconvenience. That was most definitely the case in the field too, where he “wiped most of our eyes more than once”. The information and detail he possesses regarding shoots and which ones to book is like having a talking guide book at your side! Bloody brilliant! 


Mr Marcus Rillington - Suffolk. 

There were of course reservations as to how we could handle a gun in a wheelchair. Following Jean-Paul’s visits, three seasons later and we now look after lots of guns in wheelchairs. Jean-Paul is a very accomplished shot and it is a pleasure to be in his company. He has also been part of some our most memorable shoot days.


Mr Graham Tweed - Shoot Captain at Hargham Managing Director - Richmond Sporting


Having known Jean-Paul  for a number of years and had the pleasure of joining him on a regular basis at Ripley Castle, I would like to say although confined to a chair, I was surprised and impressed as to his shooting ability and to hold his own. Any gun, moreover a disabled gun could do far worse than contact him for any advice or recommendations as he has overcome and solved most problems that arise.


Mr Garry Thickbroom – Ex British ABT Champion and former England Team Member.

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The Seated Gun is passionate about making sure your shoot or brand is seen by as many people in the game shooting fraternity as possible. Whether through one of our films, our reviews or as a brand supporter.

Together let’s make your shoot or brand stand out!


With one simple goal, to raise awareness of your shoot so that every game shooter wants to shoot there!



Why not have your brand represented by someone that uses your product and can vouch for the products ability, become a supporter of The Seated Gun.


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Thanks for contacrting us!

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